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Edel has written more than 200 poems. Some have been published in magazines and collections. She writes both serious and humorous poetry.

Serious poetry is usually inspired by kids' experiences; nature - animals, weather, the beach...; interest in folklore and history; tricky words, such as homonyms, homographs and homophones.

  1. kids' experiences
  2. nature - animals, weather, the beach...
  3. interest in folklore and history
  4. tricky words, such as homonyms, homographs and homophones

Read three poems

Humorous poetry and nonsense verse
Edel likes playing with words and ideas. She is inspired by the madness of the English language, absurd situations, jokes, odd place names and common sayings taken literally. She writes logical nonsense, limericks and long verse stories.

  1. logical nonsense
  2. limerick
  3. invented words
  4. absurd situations
  5. place names
  6. jokes
  7. common sayings taken literally
  8. long verse stories

Read three poems

Edel also writes Poetry for adults

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