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Edel Wignell

Highly Commended, C J Dennis Poetry Competition, Toolangi, 2012

Bees and humans have lived together
Forever and ever, we're told;
   Bee-phrases, bee-words as flighty as birds,
   Language delightful, expressions insightful
All tell our activities bold.

Every day I buzz around -
A busy life suits me:
   Cut and paste, cook and taste,
   Write a rhyme, dance and mime -
As busy as a bee.

A bee in my bonnet is what I have now:
My passion is saving the whales;
   Their global range we must not change
   As they plunge and leap in oceans deep,
Sailing with storms and gales.

Today I'm searching for something I need,
Here's the way I do it:
   I look on a shelf where I put it myself,
   I remember the place – the perfect space -
And make a bee-line to it.

I love all tasty, delicious fruit
That grows on bushes and trees:
   Bananas and pears, melon for shares,
   Bunches of cherries, scrumptious berries,
And peaches, for me, the bees' knees.

Around the world bees are threatened;
Heed our emotional pleas:
   The bee and the hive must survive;
   Please humankind, don't be blind
To the survival of the fragile bees.

Australian Society of Authors Ltd ©

Edel Wignell

First published in Countdown: School Magazine, Vol. 36, No. 3, April 2001;
also in SIRS Mandarin (Social Issues Resource Series, USA) database and CD-ROM, 2001

I've got the collecting bug:
Collecting spiders, bottles blue,
Stones and stamps, postcards, too,
Aeroplanes stuck together with glue,
A flock of owls - tu whit, tu whoo!
Pottery beasts not seen in the zoo,
Led by a wonderful kangaroo.
Just look at my collector's stew!

Australian Society of Authors Ltd ©

Edel Wignell

First published in Zita Denholm (ed.) Celebrate! The End of Year Reciter,
2007, Triple D Books, Wagga Wagga; also in Orbit: School Magazine,
No. 7, August 2011 (NSW)

Seagulls swoop by day
on the seashore, over the sand,
seeking snacks from picnickers;
scrounging snippets, savoury and sweet,
swooping and strutting -
a scavenger's feast.

Seagulls swoop at night
in the car park at the supermarket,
seeking moths attracted to the glow;
seizing and swallowing, speedy on the wing,
swooping and circling -
an aerial feast.

Seagulls swoop constantly
on the fringes of the surging seas,
seeking seafood in rock pools;
snatching succulent self-service,
swooping and supping -
a smorgasbord feast.

Australian Society of Authors Ltd ©