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Edel Wignell
Australian Society of Authors Ltd ©
Commended, Scribbligum 'Gum Blossoms' Poetry Competition, 2007, and first published on the Scribbligum website: www.scribbligum.com

Down through the centuries, mariners reported
  An elusive sea serpent, sinuous and long,
With a series of humps and a horse-like head,
  Cruising the waves, singing a song.

As I swim in the sea
The waves whinny stories to me.

The ancient Greeks all worshipped Poseidon -
  Elderly god ruling the ocean,
Carrying a trident, astride a dolphin,
  Riding the waves with stately motion.

As I sail on the sea
The white caps roar stories to me.

The sea-god Triton, son of Poseidon -
  Body of a fish and head of a man -
Blows into a shell, and its trumpeting voice
  Has resounded forever since time began.

As I dive in the sea
The deep echoes stories to me.

 A mermaid - young, in love with a prince -
On the shore, in hope, abandons her tail.
He marries another and the mermaid in grief
  Dissolves in the air, doomed to fail.

As I paddle by the sea
The sands wail stories to me.