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Picture Stories

24 & 32 pages.

Long Live Us!

Long Live Us! illus. Peter Allert, 2011, Interactive Publications (IP Kidz) Brisbane
ISBN 978 1 921479 46 5 Hb; 978 1 921869 07 5 ePub
A fractured folk tale for ages 7-10 years.

A Greedy Troll lives in a cave under a bridge. Hungry, he plans to trap anyone who tries to pass. The Three Bears arrive first and, after some discussion the Greedy Troll allows them to go. More and more folk tale characters arrive and the Greedy Troll gets hungrier and hungrier…

In Teachers' Notes, discover how to fracture folk tales. Enjoy three colouring-in pages and sing The Song of the Troll. Participate in drama – try a play script. Read an interview with Edel Wignell and Peter Allert at Kid's Book Capers and segments from book reviews. View a trailer on the minisite. Book Orders.


This is a wonderful read-aloud story that can be dramatized and thoroughly enjoyed by reader and listener. Peter Allert's illustrations are vibrant and full of humour. They entice the reader to check for small details that reveal more about the characters and scenes. - Margaret Warner, Buzz Words

'Where would our fairy tales be without baddies? Edel Wignell has taken a different tack on fairy tales with this very good point. All good stories need a bad guy. - Angela Hall, Bug in a Book

Combine, one greedy Troll, three bears, Goldilocks, three little pigs, one wolf, one Princess, one Frog Prince, one wicked witch and one giant and what do you get? A seriously zany fractured fairytale about Goodies, Baddies, crime and punishment.

Edel and Peter have created a wonderfully fun picture story book by inventing a new adventure for the characters that we know and love. Children will be delighted as they follow their new antics and discover how a story without any Baddies is no story at all. - Jackie Hosking, PIO


The deluxe hard cover edition of Long Live Us! is available from book shops in Australia and New Zealand, and can be ordered online from http://ipoz.biz/Store/orders.htm or from sales@ipoz.biz.

A paperback edition is available from Create Space, Lightning Source (Ingram International), Amazon and other online stores. It may be ordered from bookshops with access to the Bookdata and Bowkerlink databases. The book is being converted to Fixed Layout Format for the Kindle Fire and Apple iBookstore.

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Big Eyes, Scary Voice

Big Eyes, Scary Voice, illustrated by Carl Pearce (Tamarind/Random House Children's Books, UK; available from Random House Australia), for ages 3-5 years.
ISBN 978 1870 51688 4

Tania and Josh hear a scary voice calling in the park at sunset. They walk warily along the path, listening and exploring. The voice calls again and again. What is it? Where is it coming from? They see a fountain, boats, playground, trees… There are strange shadows everywhere and unexpected eyes. At last, joined by Mum, they find a feathery thing with big eyes and a scary voice.

Look at the eyes and the feathers on the end papers, and the double-page sunset scenes at the beginning and the end of the book.

The story, written in rhythmic language, is extremely good to read aloud. Two children are in the park at dusk and hear a strange sound. They, together with their mum following close behind, search the park to find the source... Illustrated by Carl Pearce in a somewhat cartoon-like style, but full of wonderful early evening colours, this is a delightful bedtime story. Enid Stephenson (review in 'Carousel' Magazine, UK)

Carl Pearce's illustrations bring drama and mystery to the adventure and the setting - a cliff-top park beside a harbour. Read more in Picture stories and see Teachers' Notes for classroom suggestions. A poster was displayed at the 2010 Bologna Book Fair.

www.tamarindbooks.co.uk and www.randomhouse.com.au

The Magic Horse

The Magic Horse, illustrated by Claire de Zoete and Heath Gray, 'Springboard' series (2005, Macmillan Education Australia) – for ages 6-8 years. ISBN 0 7329 9609 0

In this German folk tale, three lads try to find out who is robbing their father's corn. John, the youngest, discovers it is a horse – a magical horse that takes him up a mountain to meet a princess!


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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, illustrated by Peter Campbell, 'Springboard' series ( 2005, Macmillan Education Australia) – for ages 6-8 years. ISBN 0 7329 9593 0

A retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen tale of the little mermaid - the youngest of six sisters. When it is her turn to rise up and see the world, she falls in love with a prince.


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Numbers in Lines

Numbers in Lines, illustrated by Melissa Webb, 'Inquisitive' series (2005, Pearson Education Australia) – for ages 6-8 years ISBN 0 7339 6864 3

What happens when you start looking for numbers in lines? Try it, and you'll find them everywhere: at home, at school, in the street, in big buildings, in the harbour…


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Frozen Music

Frozen Music, illustrated by Tom Barrett, 'Books for Young Learners' series (2005, Richard C. Owen Publishers, USA) – for ages 6-8 years. ISBN 978 1 57274 709 9

In a German folk tale, a coachman on a journey blows signals and tunes on his golden horn. The weather is cold, and the music freezes! Later on, in the warmth of an inn, the tunes are released.


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Rumpelstiltskin, illustrated by Philip Webb, 'Chatterbox' series (2004, Pearson Education Australia) – for ages 6-8 years. ISBN 0 12 360300 5

A retelling of a tale from the Brothers Grimm (Germany). A little man helps a young woman spin straw into gold, and she marries the king. But the little man demands a payment: the Queen's first-born child.


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I Wonder Who Lives Upstairs

I Wonder Who Lives Upstairs, illustrated by Leanne Argent (1993, University of Western Australia Press – Cygnet Books) – for ages 3-6 years. Children's Book Council of Australia, Notable Book.

Sophie, Mum and Dad and baby Julian are moving into a downstairs flat. Sophie wonders who lives upstairs, and wants to meet them. Soon she sees clues, and then there are surprises. Look at the upstairs pictures. Can you work out the mystery?


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King Beast's Birthday

King Beast's Birthday, illustrated by Marina McAllan, 'Literacy Links' series (1992, Mimosa) – for ages 6-8 years.

King Beast, the lion, boasts that he owns the biggest and best of everything. For his birthday, he prepares for the biggest and best party ever, but…


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Roly Meets the Monster

Roly Meets the Monster, illustrated by Neil Curtis, 'Story Chest' series (1991, Rigby Heinemann) – for ages 6-8 years.

Roly, the classroom rabbit, is jealous when the class votes for Peter Rabbit as their favourite, so he sets out to be brave and adventurous – like Peter - to get attention.


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Big April Fools!

Big April Fools! illustrated by C. S. Severn, 'Spectrum Library' (1989, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Australia) – for ages 6-8 years.

Miranda has been in Australia for only a few months, and she doesn't know about April Fools' Day. Soon Danny and Rose trick her, but then, surprisingly, she tricks the whole family!


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Amanda's Warts

Amanda's Warts, illustrated by Heather Campbell, 'Spectrum Library' series (1989, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Australia) – for ages 6-8 years.

Amanda has warts on the back of her hand, and Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Aunt Dorothy tell her magical cures for them. What happens when she tries them?

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Spider in the Toilet

Spider in the Toilet, illustrated by Margaret Power (1988, Lothian Books; 1998, Eldorado Publishing) – for ages 3-6 years.

When Ben stays with Nanna, he sees spiders everywhere: in the toilet, on the wall, in the sky. Then his mother arrives, bringing a special surprise.


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Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs, illustrated by Rodney McRae (1987, Hodder & Stoughton) – for ages 3-6 years. Honour Award, Most Beautiful Books from Around the World, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany.

One day when Jan and Peter were staying at Grandma's, the rain started. It wasn't sprinkles, drizzles and mizzles, but driving and pouring, drenching and roaring rain – a downpour and a deluge, with cats and dogs arriving, too.

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The Car Wash Monster

The Car Wash Monster, illustrated by Kim Lynch (1986, Ashton Scholastic) – for ages 3-6 years.

The Car Wash Monster growls, 'I'm coming to eat you up!' Anna and Ben are scared, but their country cousin, Cindy isn't. What happens when Offenbark, the dog, leaps out of the window? (Look at the Car Wash Monster's tentacle tongues. If you go into a car wash today, you will notice that the monster's tongues have changed.)


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