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Photo of Edel WignellEdel Wignell (Edel rhymes with 'medal') loves to write – for two reasons. Firstly, she enjoys writing: fiction, non-fiction, scripts and poetry. Secondly, she loves the thought that - somewhere, sometime - someone may turn a page and close one of her books with a sigh of satisfaction or a chuckle, then switch off the light.

Edel has been writing full time for children and adults since 1979, and part-time for ten years previously. Writer, compiler, journalist and poet, she has 100 books for children, and her writing for adults has been published in more than 100 journals, newspapers, collections and on the Internet, and read on radio.

When Edel was a kid she lived on a sheep farm in northern Victoria. In About Edel Wignell, see biographical notes and more. Included are notes on Inspiration for Writing and Awards.

In Teachers' Notes there's a wealth of activities to try in classrooms. Children will enjoy two songs sung at recent book launches – well-known tunes, enticing rhyme and rhythm.

Read a script, poems and an article for children, and poems for adults.

Note that from July 2013, Edel Wignell has bequeathed her writing earnings and copyright to the Australian Society of Authors. For queries contact Juliet Rogers, Director, Australian Society of Authors Ltd, Suite C1.06, 22-36 Mountain Street, Ultimo, NSW, Australia 2007. Tel. (+61 2) 9211 0125; e-mail: juliet@asauthors.com.

In 2014, the ASA created the Edel Wignell Mentorship of New Writers for Children, to be awarded annually. www.asauthors.org/news/the-edel-wignell-mentorship

Bilby Secrets

Bilby Secrets, ill. Mark Jackson, 2011, Walker Books Australia ('Nature Storybooks'), ISBN: 978 1 9215 2932 0
Bilby: Secrets of an Australian Marsupial, 2015, Candlewick Press, Mass, USA, ISBN 978-0-7 636-6759-7
Narrative non-fiction for ages 5-10 years.

Bilby Secrets was shortlisted in the Children's Book Council of Australia Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, and for the Wilderness Society Environment Awards, both 2012.

Bilby: Secrets of an Australian Marsupial won a U.S. Children's Book Council and Science Teachers Association Literary Award: Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12.

Read more about Bilby Secrets. Check Teachers' Notes for classroom activities and further Teachers's Notes on www.walkerbooks.com.au. Sing Bilby Song. See Mark Jackson's website: www.jackpot-art.com. Read A Bilby Round-up, describing many bilby books: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, activity books and audio-visual resources. More interesting facts on the Save the Bilby Fund website: www.savethebilbyfund.com.

Long Live Us

Long Live Us! illus. Peter Allert, 2011, Interactive Publications (IP Kidz) Brisbane
ISBN 978 1 921479 46 5 Hb; 978 1 921869 07 5 ePub
A fractured folk tale about the exploits of a Greedy Troll - for ages 7-10 years. Read more.

Check Teachers' Notes to discover how to fracture folk tales. Enjoy three colouring-in pages, created by Peter Allert, and sing The Song of the Troll. Participate in drama – try a play script. Read an interview with Edel Wignell and Peter Allert at Kid's Book Capers and segments from book reviews. View a trailer on the minisite. See Book Orders and Availability.

Christina's Matilda

Christina's Matilda, illus. Elizabeth Botté
2011, Interactive Publications (IP Kidz) Brisbane
ISBN 978 1 92147 987 8 Hbk; 978 1 92147 9885 ePub
An historical picture-story for young people aged 10-110.

Waltzing Matilda! Waltzing Matilda!
Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?

Everyone knows the words, and many people know that the Australian poet 'Banjo' Paterson wrote them in 1895. But few know the origin of the melody, provided by Christina Macpherson – a tune she had heard played by a band at the Warrnambool Races in 1894. Read more.

In Teachers' Notes try some classroom activities. Read an article, 'Christina Matilda - A Waltz of Discovery', an interview with Edel Wignell and Elizabeth Botté at Kid's Book Capers, and segments from book reviews. Also discover Edel's participation in the Ringwood Highland Games. View a trailer on the minisite. See Book orders and Availability.